Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

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Around 40 years ago, Chinook salmon where taken from two Washington State rivers, the Kalama and Cowlitz, both tributaries of the Columbia River, and introduced to the Southern Chile river systems, with the hopes of ranching this invading specie.

Since the mid 80’s the King salmon has naturalized and developed, inhabiting their waters. It’s logic that this specie has thrived in the southern Chilean’s climate given that is very similar to that of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

This fish is caught in open water, not in the rivers.

Origin Chile. FAO 87
Caught Wild
Form Fresh
Cut Dressed
Quality #2
Size 11-18 kg

18-30 kg

+30 kg

Shelf life 10 days
Availability January to March
Case Styro case with wet ice, 50 lbs

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