Oncorhynchus nerka

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The wild sockeye is a gift from nature to the grilling world. Native to our coasts, the colour of the meat varies from orange to deep red and it has the firmest meat of all the salmon. It can be cooked in many different ways – smoked, broiled or grilled. Its texture is not as flaky nor as moist as King, Coho or farmed Atlantic salmon meantime, it is low maintenance when cooking (if it is on the grill an extra minute or two it is not the end of the world), as is rich in healthy omega-3 fats that fend off dryness from the high heat of grilling.

Origin British Columbia, Canada and Washington & Alaska, USA. FAO 67
Caught Wild
Form Frozen
Cut Head off gutted, portions, and fillet skin on & skin off
Quality #1, #2 & Ocean Run
Size 2-4 lbs, 4-6 lbs & 6-9 lbs
Shelf life 7 days
Availability Special Edition summer 2020
Case IVP fillets 10 or 25lbs & HG 50 lbs

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