Chionoecetes opilio

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Smokey Bay Premium Product

Our fully cooked and blast frozen snow crab clusters and claw are for the convenient chef. Snow crab is an amazing compliment to grilled courses. Thaw, crack, pick the meat out of the shell, then dip in melted butter and lemon -no further ado. They can be placed on the grill for a short period of time to give them a smoky flavor. The snow crab has a mild, sweet flavor, and the texture depends on the part of the meat, from tender in the legs to more fibrous in the claws. The color of the meat goes from snow white to reddish when cooked.

Origin Atlantic Canada. FAO 21
Caught Wild
Form Cooked & frozen
Cut Cluster
Quality Premium
Size Various sizes
Shelf life 24 months from production at -18 °C
Availability Fall 2021
Case 10 lbs box

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