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live DUNGENESS CRAB WHOLESALE fishery employs sustainable harvesting practices by only commercializing Pacific Dungeness crab males, female Dungeness crab are put back into the water, to help ensure continued breeding, this practice is done while fishing, as fisherman determine the sex of the crab by observing the crabs’ abdomen. By doing so, the fishing industry helps maintain a sustainable balance between the ocean, crab stocks, and the market demand. At Smokey Bay Seafood we always try to look for products, and practices that are sustainable.

Wild Dungeness crab fishery is government managed with periodic openings throughout the year and we source directly off the boat each opening, therefore the quantity is subject to availability. Once we have an outstanding catch, our crab are held in fresh sea water in tanks, chilled, banded and placed on cases before shipping to you via air freight. We can export live crab from the Pacific Northwest to multiple destinations in North America, Asia, and Europe.

A fun fact, the origin of the word Dungeness comes from a fishing town called Dungeness on the coast of Washington state in USA. However, you can find wild Dungeness crab all over the Pacific Northwest from Alaska to California, living in sandy bottoms below the tidal mark, especially in waters between six  and 15 degrees Celsius (42 to 59 degree Farenheit).

As a seafood, the Dungeness crab has a mild briny flavor with undertones of sweetness, and a tender and chewy textures. Given its delicious taste plus its unique appearance, the live Dungeness crab is an excellent attraction for any restaurant’s showcase, retailer’s seafood counter and crab wholesaler list.

You can buy a case of live Dungeness crab (45 lbs per case) by contacting our sales representatives or by filling in the quotation form on this page. Price is subject to quantity, availability, and destination.

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Premium, Sustainable, Traceable, Versatile


British Columbia, Canada and Washington, USA. FAO 67








Active, responsive, clean & parts intact., Excellent


1.5 – 2 lbs & +2 lbs


Year round


Styro case with iced gel packs, 45 lbs

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Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply. Minimum order ten cases. See live crab waiver. Accepted forms of payment include check, bank deposit and bank wire. Standard payment terms 14 days on approved accounts. Please request Smokey Bay Account Application. Shipping charges vary depending on size of order and will be quoted upon ordering.