Mac’s Brand from Fanny Bay


Grown on beaches in the famous Baynes Sound Oyster Growing Region (Areas 13 and 14), Vancouver Island, B.C. these oyster brands are West Coast classics. Each with their own distinct flavor and appearance:

Mac's Brand Oysters from Fanny Bay

A standard at most oyster bars, smooth flavor, slight salt, reliable full meats. Shell is green/grey with some barnacles. Petits have a very good meat to shell ratio.

Buckley Bay Oysters
Buckley Bay Extra Small Oysters

Buckley Bay Oysters

Specialty beach oyster, melon taste, salt spray finish. Shell is a grey/purple some barnacles.

Ships Point Oysters
Ships Point Oysters

Ships Point Oysters

Specialty beach oyster, known for their small stomachs, these oysters have less green feed in their bellies. Ships Points are creamy and subtly sweet with a briny finish. Shells are a purple/grey-green some barnacles.



These brands are grown in trays suspended off the ocean floor on rafts or long-lines. The characteristics of a tray product are a deep-cup, clean barnacle free shell and weaker abductor muscle for easy shucking.

Metcalfe Bay Oyster

Metcalfe Bay Oysters

Tray grown suspended from rafts in a nutrient rich up-swelling off Denman Island, Baynes Sound, B.C.. Meat is plump and creamy; flavor is sweet with a smoky finish. Shells are deep cup, clean with frill, purple/grey and ivory.

Pearl Bay Oysters

Pearl Bay Oysters

Tray grown suspended from long lines in the deep cold waters off Sykes Island in Jervis Inlet. This is the pioneer brand of tray culture in Canada. Pearl Bays have a delicate meat and shell. Flavor is cucumber, crisp brine, with sweet finish. Shell colour – purple, gold, ivory.

Sinku Oysters

Sinku Oysters

Tray grown suspended from long lines in the deep cold waters off Sykes Island in Jervis Inlet. “Sinku” (which means clear running water in Coast Salish, a native language of our coast) oysters are a connoisseurs delight. Grown at a depth of 15 feet or more these oysters feed off zooplankton rather than the phytoplankton nutrient found closer to the surface. The result is a very crisp melon taste, salty with a very clean finish – delicate meat covered in clear cold liquor.

Summer Ice Oysters
Summer Ice Oyster

Summer Ice Oysters

Cultured in the same manner as the Sinku except at a much deeper depth – 60 feet or more. In May we drop the trays to a depth that has the same water temperature as winter. This prevents the oysters from spawning and maintains meat quality at its winter prime during the month without ‘R’s. The Summer Ice Oyster has excellent brand recognition across North America as the specialty summer oyster of choice. Available only from late May through late September.



Phantom Oysters

Phantom Creek

A name brand given to tray cultured oysters that are beach hardened. Phantom Creek oysters are grown on Reid and Cortes Islands 100 km up the coast from Baynes Sound, B.C.. Three to six months prior to harvest the oysters are removed from trays and placed on the beach where exposure to air, waves, and predators, harden the shell. The result is an oyster with the signature deep cup of tray culture, with the tough shell and shelf life of a beach oyster. Shell is purple-grey/green, clean appearance, few if any barnacles.



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