Let us facilitate your fish sales, trading or brokerage, in five easy steps


Step One: Regulatory Information

Smokey Bay provides regulatory support to its buyers. We can apply for health certificates and import permits on your behalf that will broaden your access to seafood sources and markets in North America, Europe and Asia. We research the health, veterinary, provincial, state and federal regulations applicable to the seafood you are sourcing, purchasing and shipping, to avoid any delay and guarantee compliance.

Step Two: Source Your Seafood

Current best prices on seafood delivered to trucking or air freight cross dock in Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver. Minimum orders are based on either dollar amount or weight. Typical minimum order for fresh seafood would be 250 KG (about 600 lbs) for domestic and 1000 KG for Export, typical minimum order for domestic shipments of frozen seafood 1000 KG or one pallet, for export shipments 9000 KG to 18000 KG, 20′ or 40′ FCL ocean freight.

Step Three: Ship Your Order

Send your seafood to major urban centres worldwide by truck, air, or ocean. We can get you competitive freight rates to ship your order to main distribution hubs in Asia, Europe, and USA. Smokey Bay is a TSA known shipper from LAX, SEA, and YVR international airports.
We also have regular truck service from: Vancouver to San Diego stopping at all cities in between; weekly truck service from Vancouver and Seattle to Toronto and New York.
For ocean freight we have both frozen ocean containers and LCL ocean freight options for exporters to Asia.

Step Four: Dealing with Customs and Duties

Smokey Bay can clear your products through customs for importation from Canada to USA or USA to Canada. We are a government licensed fish importer with annual permits up to date.

Step Five: Manage Payments and Terms

Export shipments are typically prepaid for live and fresh shipments, for frozen exports a downpayment is need to confirm your order with balance paid on sight of documents. For approved domestic customers we offer 14 to 30 day terms.  We can quote in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Euros.

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