Practical Tools and Useful Information

Currency and Metric Conversion

Metric conversions:
Currency Conversion: or

World Clock and Time Zones

World Clock and Time Zones:


Weather Pacific Canada:

Marine Forecast Pacific Canada:

Track Your Shipments

Air Canada:

Delta Airlines:

Continental Airlines:

Cargo Jet:


Canadian Postal Code Directory:

How to Farm Shellfish

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN:

British Columbia Shellfish Aquaculture Practices:

Vancouver Island University Centre for Shellfish Research:


Canadian Food Inspection Agency Export Regulations:

FDA and Bioterrorism

Prior Notice for Food Importation to USA:

Registration for Food Facilities:

Industry Reports, Associations and Background Information

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance:

British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture:

Fish Information and Services:

Overview of global industry trade shows and conferences here

Government Support

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Shellfish Page:

Sea Grant Extension Program USA:

The Mighty Oyster

Types of Oysters:

Shuck Oysters Like a Pro Video:


Fishery Management Areas West Coast:

Fishery Management Atlantic Coast:

Tide Chart Canada

Tides, Currents and Water levels:

Marine life conservation

International Bird Rescue –

Marine Mammal Care Center –

Quit Day –

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