Today, Smokey Bay Seafood Group is a vertically integrated company with four profit areas and one in development.

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Seafood Trade

Over the past decade Smokey Bay has focused on creating a network of producers, primarily in the North Pacific area sourced from exclusive seafood fisheries; as well as an extensive national and international procurement client list. Bringing buyers and producers together, through search, pricing strategies and innovative just-in-time logistics solution.

Our trading and logistic team facilitates seafood transactions and organizes the delivery of live, fresh and frozen seafood to major urban centers.

Smokey Bay selects seafood that meets the needs of customers for quality and sustainability, may it be live, fresh or frozen seafood; while following safety standards for wholesalers, food service and retail distributors in North America, Asia and Europe.
The current seafood competency is based on these primary items:


With strong relationships and strategic alliances, Smokey Bay has become a vital resource for other established companies in the food industry, from seafood producers to agri-tech companies, our portfolio of partners is well rounded. 

We want to help sources continue to produce, secure their investments, have a higher return and be resilient to environmental changes (economic and natural).

By helping you develop a strategic plan, a method to execute, and a system to continue improving. In this way we will have a stronger supply chain and a more competitive industry.

We have identified the need to deliver the best fish feed alternatives to a demanding industry that will be responsible for feeding 8.1 billion people by 2050.


Developing the aquafeed division is an absolute necessity. The market is desperate for better feed ingredients, given the exponential growth of aquaculture worldwide.

Smokey Bay wants to keep collaborating by improving the nutritional profile of fish feeds with exceptional wild product, while incorporating alternative protein options within the insect and plant-base products.

At Smokey Bay we share the journey with you from the harvest to the plate. We not just provide the best seafood, we give you the best tools to enhance your seafood experience.


Understanding how important is to have the right tools at the right time, is extremely important.
Smokey Bay has thought of every detail and is working to give you the best tools
to shuck the last oyster.
The selection of premium utensils is ideal for restaurants, distributors, retailers & chefs.