Gourmet Pacific Oysters

Gourmet Pacific Oysters

Smokey Bay Gourmet Pacific Oysters have a rugged outer shell, and the meat quality is excellent. With a flavour profile that is like the taste of the ocean and a mild cucumber finish.

The growing process is started by purchasing locally sourced seed, then oysters reared in a flupsy until an inch in size at which point they are put in trays or baskets and suspended from rafts until they reach 2 inches in size, at this point they are tumbled and sized and brought to the beach where they toughen their shells to get ready for being shipped world wide.

During the summer months the oysters deep are suspended in baskets from floating rafts and sunk deep down into cooler water so we can continue selling as long as possible.

Oysters pictured represent the type of oyster we sell. Sourced from the Mac’s Oyster farm in Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island. Oyster characteristics depend on growing location and growing method use.  However, the species, size, quality will all be the same.

Pack for oysters is 120 count, 10 dozen cases, or 5 dozen 60 count
Minimum Order is 200 dozen.
Species Crassostreas Gigas, aka Pacific Oyster aka Japanese Oyster
Farmed, Live
Product of British Colombia, Canada

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