Dungeness Crabs

Dungeness Crab

Country of Origin: USA
Form: Fresh, live, or cooked frozen
Species: Cancer Magister
Size grade: 6-9, 12-14, 16-20 clusters/sections
Case Size: Packed 1/20





Fresh Spot Prawns

Fresh Spot Prawns

Form: Live, Ocean run
Country of Origin:
 Canada (British Columbia)
Species: Pandalus platyceros
Shelf Life: 7-8 day shelf life upon arrival to market
Case Size: 10lbs in styro box
Availability: May – June

200# minimum order



Canadian LobsterLive Lobster

Canadian Lobster

Description: Hearty and delicious Nova Scotian live lobster shipped direct to major airports on the West Coast. Hard shell, great meat fill.
Species: Homarus americanus
Transit or Delivery Point: SEA, SFO, LAX, SAN, Major airports West and South West USA, Vietnam, Korea
Packed: 30 lbs net per case. Minimum order 35 Cases, 1050 lbs.



California Market Squid

Form: Whole frozen
Country of Origin:
Species: Loligo opalescens
Case Size: 10kg per case
Size Grade: 9-11 or 10 – 12 counts/lb
Grade: A or B
Roe content: 40% or 10% depending on the customer’s request


Cooked Frozen Whole Lobster

Whole Cooked New England Frozen Lobster

Country of Origin: New England, USA
Species: Homarus americanus
Packed: 10lbs for per case, (1.5 lbs plus  average per lobster.) frozen whole cooked lobster
Availability: Seasonal, please contact us for more details

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