Farmed Atlantic Salmon

Farmed Atlantic Salmon

Canadian Fresh Farmed Atlantic Salmon – Salmo Salar
Head on, Gutted (see pictures attached)
Harvest area: BC, Canada
Available sizes:  10-12lbs (4.5-5.5kg); 12-14lbs (5.5-6.4kg); 14-16lbs (6.4-7.3kg)
Packing: 55-60lbs in styro box with wet ice
Shelf-life: 14 days from the packing date

Our salmon is farmed and distributed from British Columbia at the west coast of Canada. Fast harvesting and processing procedures, combined with packing stations located close to the markets, mean that the customer can expect the freshest possible product.

Seafood Watch excerpt:

Atlantic salmon farmed in net pens in British Columbia is now a Seafood Watch “Good Alternative (yellow).” The previous “Avoid (red)” rating was due to low scores in criteria for chemical use and disease and the assessment for the disease criterion has improved, which changed the overall rating. Of the estimated 76,000 Mt of Atlantic salmon farmed in British Columbia, ~52,000Mt is imported into the U.S.. Seafood Watch also defers to Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified salmon as at least equivalent to a Seafood Watch “Good Alternative (yellow)” rating as well.

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