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The right tool to shuck oysters

Add sophistication to your seafood counter with these unique durable knives.

We have personally tasted and have chosen the best products for the grill from our suppliers. Our Ocean Grill Selection features whelk, half-shell scallops, sockeye salmon, albacore tuna, black cod steaks, snow crab clusters and red Argentine shrimp!


Wild caught and purchased directly off the boat each week and held in tanks with fresh sea water, chilled and banded before shipping to you via air freight.


Our supply is farmed sustainably on both the Pacific  and Atlantic coasts of Canada, raised on a natural diet from sustainable sources and are hormone, antibiotic, and pesticide free.


Smokey Bay is proud to bring you one of the most sustainable, premium, traceable and versatile sablefish in the market.

Oysters & Sustainability

Gordy McLellan Jr. can talk oysters all day.

He’s been working on his family’s shellfish farm, Mac’s Oysters, since he was twelve years old. Now he’s a third-generation shellfish farmer, working beaches and deep water lines off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Lunar New Year and Fish

Fish has a cultural relevance in many different cultural celebrations around the world. In China, eating fish during the Lunar New Year is an important specialty. The Lunar New Year occurs on the first day of the Lunar calendar and the next new year will occur on February 12th, 2021. Eating fish is considered good luck since the Chinese word for “fish” (鱼 Yú /yoo) sounds like the word for “extra” (余 Yú /yoo). It is good fortune to have extra at the end of the year as this means you are taking this surplus into the following year. It is also thought that consuming fish will allow you to have “extra” prospects such as wealth, health, love and family, in the next year.

Smokey Bay Seafood Group, source-trading for seafood supply chains

Smokey Bay supplies seafood businesses with quality live shellfish and fresh fish, for them to resell to seafood lovers both locally and worldwide. As a source trading business, we work closely with producers and provide seafood buyers with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Environmental changes that impact food production, rising logistics costs, the fracturing of our food economy due to covid-19, along with currency fluctuations, and changing regulations have made seafood trading a gamble.  Working with Smokey Bay Seafood is a great way to reduce your risk.

Reach out and tap into our diverse mix of exclusive delicious seafood, backed by just-in-time logistics, and sustainable practices. 

Become part of this growing seafood supply chain – source, purchase, warehouse, logistics, or supply with Smokey Bay.  We look forward to working with you.