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Smokey Bay is committed to the sales and marketing of delicious tasting seafood produced to the highest quality, sustainability and food safety standards available.

  • FeaturedWhat’s in season?

    • Live Scallops, Fresh Salmon, Lobster & more

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  • CrustaceansCrab & Lobster

    • Dungeness Crab, Canadian Lobster

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  • OystersFarm Raised

    • Live in shell & fresh shucked oyster meat

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  • MolluscsLive Clams

    • Delicious live clams, Manila, Littleneck & more

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  • FishFrom the North Pacific

    • Salmon, Black Cod, Halibut & more

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  • Retail ItemsConsumer ready seafood

    • Portioned & packed for the retail customer.

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  • KnivesSpecialty & Utility

    • Oyster shucking knives for chefs & home use

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  • ExoticsUnique Delicacies

    • Geoduck, Conch & Exotic Fish

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