Smokey Bay is committed to the sale and marketing of delicious tasting seafood produced to the highest quality, sustainability and food safety standards available. Smokey Bay is an Ocean Wise registered company and proud to be MSC Certified.

  • FeaturedWhat’s in season?

      Live Scallops, Fresh Salmon, Lobster & more

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  • CrustaceansCrab & Lobster

      Dungeness Crab, Canadian

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  • OystersFarm Raised

      Live in shell & fresh shucked oyster meat

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  • MolluscsLive Clams

      Delicious live clams, Manila, Littleneck & more

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  • ExoticsUnique Delicacies

      Geoduck, Conch & Exotic

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  • FishFrom the North Pacific

      Salmon, Black Cod, Halibut
      & more

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  • Retail ItemsConsumer ready seafood

      Portioned & packed for the retail customer.

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  • KnivesSpecialty & Utility

      Oyster shucking knives for chefs & home use

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